Information on the CAT Exam – Infographics

The Common Admission Test (CAT) is a Computer based exam conducted in India. This test scores a person on the bases of quantitative ability, data interpretation, verbal ability and logical reasoning. This exam was started by the Indian Institutes of Management for selecting student for Business administration program. Check out the infographics for more information on CAT exam:

Best Online Study Material for CAT preparation

Taking the CAT exams this year but don’t know where to begin. Confused. Anxious. Worried.  Be confident and do your preparations online. And why not, if you were to believe the blog which posts an analysis of a 93 page report on online education, conducted by the SRI International for the Department of Education,

What is good GRE score?

There is a story of a graduate school student who wanted to apply for a Ph.D. program in the Ivy League, a group of US top tiered elite schools. Admissions are competitive and students battle each other for full funding and stipend for programs in these universities. When the admission decision came, the student was

Are you GMAT ready?

You are much smarter than the people who will attempt to squeeze all their study in to the last week before the exam.  Yes it is challenging to fit GMAT in to the other aspects of your life and prepare a robust study schedule. Let’s face it GMAT is TOUGH and requires a sharp focus.

How to Master Reading Comprehension Section

Reading styles are subjective—there is no best method for approaching the passages.  There are as many “systems” for reading the passages as there are test-prep books—all promoting their method, while contradicting some aspect of another.  A reading technique that is natural for one person can be awkward and unnatural for another person.  However, it’s hard

New Score Reporting System : Good News for GMAT Applicants

If you are aspiring for an MBA degree and preparing for GMAT exam, we have good news for you.  According to the new system, now you will have more control over the test score, which is sent for admission to Business Schools across different part of the world. However you will have to take that