Subject-Wise Good GRE Scores

If you want to better your chance of getting admission in the institution and program of your choice, you would want to know what good GRE score is and what should be your target GRE score and then you should think as how do you achieve your target score? Universities normally have these and other

Visa Requirement for Studies in United States

If you are a student from outside United States, you have to apply for a student VISA to the United States. While applying, you have to prove to the VISA officer that you have enough capital to support your study in the United States as well as enough valid reasons for returning to your country

Tips: What to have in a Good Letter of Recommendation

It is important to know what good recommendation should contain and thus you should know how to write one yourself. Here is how you’ll get to know what a recommender should say and how it should be said. If you are looking for recommendation then you can pass these tips on to your recommenders so

Application Process for admittance to Universities in US

When you are applying to a University in United States, you have to include certain items which are part of your application package and has been listed down below as a Checklist. Every college has their own set of requirements, however the sample standard list of requirement are given below should and it should satisfy

Top 10 Reason for Learning Java Programming Language

Java has been the best programming languages created in last 20 years and has been gaining popularity every passing day. Although there were occasions when Java development slowed down, but with path breaking changes in form of Enum, Autoboxing and Generics in Java 5, Google’s choice of language for Android apps development and performance improvement with Java 6, kept

S P Jain Institute of Management and Research Important Notification

The S P Jain Institute of Management and Research online application process have started and student can now apply for Management programme at the College. The programme offers four specializations – Finance, Information Management, Marketing, Operations. The participants are required to choose their specialisation at the application stage itself. A choice at this stage helps: