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Obtaining a Digital Signature

A digital signature is issued by a Certification Agency (CA) under the provisions of IT Act, 2000. There are certain Certification Agencies authorised by the CCA to issue the Digital Signature Certificates, for example:
  • (n) Code Solutions Ltd.(A division of Gujarat Narmada Valley Fertilizers Co. Ltd.)
  • e-Mudhra CA
  • Safescrypt
  • Tata Consultancy Services Ltd.
You can obtain a digital signature directly from one of the certification agencies listed above or through an intermediary (which issues certificates of a particular certification agency) such as http://www.digitalsignatureindia.com/ or http://digitalsignature.in . Usually, you can obtain a digital signature certificate much faster through intermediaries. To obtain a digital signature certificate, you are required to fill an application form issued by the Certification Authority and submit attested identification and address proof to the certification authority or the intermediary.

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