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Classification of Oscillators

Oscillators can be classified depending upon the following parameters as given below:
  1. The wave shapes generated by the oscillators
  2. The fundamental mechanisms used in oscillators
  3. Range of frequency of output signal
  4. Type of circuit (based on passive devices used in oscillators)

According to the Wave Shapes Generated by the Oscillators

  1. Sinusoidal Oscillators
    A sinusoidal oscillator generates a sine-wave output signal.
  2. Nonsinusoidal Oscillators
    The nonsinusoidal oscillator generates nonsinusoidal or complex waveforms such as square, rectangular, sawtooth and trapezoidal.

According to the Fundamental Mechanisms used in Oscillators

  1. Feedback Oscillators
    In these oscillators, positive feedback is used in feedback amplifier and Barkhausen criteria must be satisfied.
  2. Negative Resistance Oscillators
    In negative resistance oscillators, the amplifying device has negative resistance to neutralise the positive resistance of oscillators.

According to the Range of Frequency of Output Signal

Table : Types of oscillators according to range of frequency
Types of Oscillators Frequency Range Example
Audio frequency oscillators (AFO) 400 Hz to 20 kHz RC oscillators such as Phase-shift and Wien-bridge oscillators
Radio frequency oscillators (RFO) 20 kHz to 30MHz LC feedback oscillators such as tuned collector, Hartley and  Colpitt oscillators
Very high frequency (VHF) oscillators 30 MHz to 300 MHz Crystal oscillators used in microprocessors, microcontrollers, ASICs, DSP processors and computer mother board
Ultra high frequency (UHF) oscillators 300 MHz to 3 GHz Bulk Acoustic Wave (BAW) AT cut quartz crystal oscillators
Microwave frequency oscillators Above 3 GHz YIG tuned oscillators, oven controlled crystal oscillators

According to the Types of Circuit (Based on passive devices used in Oscillators)

Oscillators can also be classified according to type of circuit as given below:
  1. LC tuned oscillators
  2. RC phase-shift oscillators

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