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Classification of Amplifiers

The linear amplifiers can be classified depending upon their mode of operation such as follows:

  1. Based on transistor configuration
    •  Common emitter (CE) amplifier
    •  Common collector (CC) amplifier
    •   Common base (CB) amplifier
  2. Based on input signals
    •  Small signal amplifier
    •  Large signal amplifier
  3. Based on output
    • Voltage amplifier
    • Power amplifier
  4. Based on active device
    • BJT amplifier
    • FET amplifier
  5. Based on operating condition
    • Class A amplifier
    • Class B amplifier
    • Class AB amplifier
    • Class C amplifier
    • Class D amplifier
  6. Based on frequency
    •  Audio-frequency (AF) amplifier
    •  Intermediate frequency (IF) amplifier
    •  Radio-frequency (AF) amplifier
  7. Based on number of stages
    •  Single-stage amplifier
    •  Multistage amplifier
  8. Based on the method of coupling between two stages
    •  Direct coupling(dc) amplifier
    •  RC coupled amplifier
    •  Transformer coupled amplifier.

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