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As we age, our face begins to show the effects of gravity, sun exposure and years of facial muscle movement, such as smiling, chewing and squinting.


The underlying tissues that keep our skin looking youthful and plumped up begin to break down, often leaving behind laugh lines, smile lines, crow’s feet or facial creases over the areas where this excessive muscle movement occurs.


Botox is a natural protein, which relaxes the muscles causing wrinkles creating a smooth and youthful appearance. It is a common cosmetic procedure effective for both men and women. It is an extract from bacteria in a highly purified form. It remains in the sight of injection and has a certain life. Fillers are used to treat age related changes like nasolabial folds, wrinkles around the lips, scars etc. These fillers are used to plump up the skin with the help of a filler substance.



It relaxes the tiny muscles that are responsible for the expression leaving the over lying skin smooth, tight & wrinkle free. Once the muscle is relaxed you cannot continue to make the desirable facial expression. As a result the lines gradually smooth out from disuse and new creases are prevented from forming.

There is good news as one can get the same effects of Botox and Fillers without injecting with the help of different Serums- which have an anti-ageing effect on the skin.


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