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As age advances, skin loses its glow, developing dark-spots (age-induced /sun induced) indicating a disturbance in the pigmentation process. The complex reaction is activated by sunlight and notably by reactive oxidants. Some factors like smoke, pollution and lifestyle changes generate oxidants and free radicals leading to excess concentration of oxidants in the skin causing premature ageing and pigmentation disorders.


Two-step mechanism-

Sulforawhite interferes at 2 steps in the pigmentation process.

  1. It deactivates reactive oxidants generated by uv rays in keratinocytes by stimulating the cellular antioxidant defense system.
  2. Besides it inhibits the binding of alpha-MSH on melanocytes. Alpha-MSH is a natural hormone which induces skin pigmentation.

Sulforaphane is well-known for its capacity to neutralize reactive oxidants.

It is the predominant phytonutrient in garden cress. Sprouts are much richer in phytonutrients than the mature plant. Sulforawhite is prepared from 4-5 day old garden cress sprouts.


Sulforawhite has no effect on the tyrosinase activity nor on its activation. It acts as an antagonist of alpha-MSH and its mechanism does not affect tyrosinase activity.


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