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Different methods of Peel Application

  1. Combination peels:  Multiple peeling agents in combination are used to compliment their synergistic activity and enhance their efficacy and depth.
    ​e.g. Salicylic acid with Mandelic acid targets the Seborrhea, residual acne; Post acne pigmented early grade 1 scars as well as textural improvement. Mandelic acid has antibacterial properties and is safer for dark skin types.
  2. Sequential peels: One peel is painted and terminated and followed sequentially by another peel in the same sitting which can be terminated or left on slow release peel.
    e.g. Salicylic acid followed by Mandelic acid, Glycolic acid or a Retinol peel.
    Salicylic acid peel followed by a TCA obtains moderate depth effects.
  3. Switch peels: Includes usage of different peeling agents in rotation in subsequent sittings. E.g. Salicylic acid or a retinol peel in comedogenic or inflammatory acne switched over after clearance to Glycolic, Mandelic or Phytic in subsequent sessions to improve scars and texture.
  4. Slow release peels: Some peels works on controlled (gradual) release of the product progressively and ensures complete
    penetration and full action of all components in the solution. Easy Phytic peel composed of three hydroxyl acids with Phytic acid, 3 AHA’s are Glycolic acid, Lactic acid and Mandelic acid.

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