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Other Peels

  1. Beta hydroxy acid – Salicylic acid:

Salicylic acid is derived from sweet birch, willow bark and wintergreen leaves. It is lipophilic and acts as a keratolytic agent by dissolving the intercellular lipids, surrounding the keratinized epithelial cells. Due to its lipophilic nature it acts on the sebaceous follicle, has excellent comedolytic activity and hence is very useful for acne. It also has anti inflammatory and antimicrobial properties.



  • Active pustular acne.
  • Open pores.

Procedure --- Salicylic acid is used only as spot peel.

Do not use it on full face.

Can be used on full face in combination with Glycolic peel.

  1. Poly-hydroxy acid peel.

    Also called as Body peel. To be used only on body.

    Do not use on face.


  • Fine lines & wrinkles.
  • Rehydration of skin.
  • Dark back, elbows, forearms.
  • Pigmented feet, hands.

Procedure: Same as Glycolic acid. Only in this case test patch not required as we are doing on body. Cleansing, application, timer, neutralization remains the same.

Post peel instructions remains same for all peel procedures.


  1. Skin whitening peel (Peel Booster)


  • Tanned skin.
  • Pigmented skin.
  • Melasma.
  • Dark underarms, hands, feet…


  • Elevate the client’s head by 45 degrees.
  • Tie head-band.
  • Cleanse the area with pre-peel cleanser (to be used according to the skin texture i.e oily, normal, dry etc.)
  • Apply Vaseline to sensitive areas like outer & inner canthi of eyes, angle of mouth & nose with ear bud.
  • Take 1ml of Peel Booster in a measuring cup & with the brush apply it in same direction on the entire face. No timer is required. ( Peel Booster is not an acid) after application let it dry completely.
  • After drying now over the booster apply 1 ml of glycolic 20% (timer is necessary)
  • Time for 3mins if patient is comfortable then neutralize after 3mins.
  • Rest steps continue as in GA peel.
  1. Lactic acid peel.


  • Sensitive skin.
  • Dehydrated dull skin.
  • Undereye dark circles.
  1. Dark circle peel.


  • Undereye dark circles.
  • Periorbital melanosis.
  • Fine lines, wrinkles.
  • Open pores.
  1. Anti- acne peel.


  • Acne
  • Boils, pustules.
  • Folliculitis

Difference between AHA and BHA




1. They are water soluble.

1. They are lipid soluble.

2. Has keratolytic action.

2. Anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial

& comedolytic.

3. Requires neutralization.

3. No neutralizer required.

4. No frosting occurs.

4. Pseudofrost occurs.

5. Glycolic

5. Salicylic

6. For pigmentation.

6. Acne

7. Prepared from sugarcane.

7. Prepared from sweet birch, willow bark

& wintergreen leaves.


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