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  1. Elevate the client’s head by 45 degrees.
  2. Tie head-band.
  3. Cleanse of the face with pre-peel cleanser (to be used according to the skin texture i.e oily, normal, dry etc.)
  4. Apply Vaseline to sensitive areas like outer & inner canthi of eyes, angle of mouth & nose with ear bud.
  5. Then if client is for the first time do peel sensitivity test as above.
  6. Apply 1ml of 20% Glycolic acid in strokes with a peel brush. As you touch the peel brush on face start the timer. Strokes should be outward to inwards. Single stroke application. Approx. Time of application should be 45secs.and peel to be kept for 3 mins only.
  7. These 3 mins includes your time of application also.
  8. Mild itching and burning sensation is experienced which is normal.
  9. After 3 mins dab the under eye & upper eye with cold water 1st then neutralize the rest of the face & eyes with a 2 ml of neutralizer.
  10. Neutralization of peel can be done 2-3 times in same manner of peel.
  11. During neutralization patient feels warm sensation. That is due to acid base   reaction.
  12. Then clean the face with cold water & give cold compresses till burning, if any, stops.
  13. Apply face mask (hydrating, whitening) for 20 mins.
  14. Remove the mask & apply sunscreen according to the skin type.

Precautions: While doing peel if there is unbearable burning, stinging, redness or frosting immediately apply cold compress.


Post Peeling Care

  • Can wash with plain water after 2 hrs.
  • Soap can be applied after 12hrs.
  • There will be mild redness for 1-2 hrs.
  • Avoid direct sunlight.
  • Apply sunscreen 20min before sun exposure.
  • Avoid swimming and sweating for 3-4 days.
  • No facial, bleach, threading, waxing, plucking for 7 days before and after the peel.
  • Avoid make-up for 12 hrs.
  • Don’t use medicated creams 2 days before & after peel.
  • Don’t pick! Picking delays healing & causes scarring.
  • Moisturize - use moisturizers after peel.       


  • Interval between 2 peels is 15 days.
  • Peel should be done 3-4 days before any social commitment.
  • Minimum 8-10 sessions are required for best results.
  • Maintenance sessions are required every month.
  • First session is always started with 20% peel for 3 mins. Time duration is increased in the subsequent sessions followed by increase in concentration. Maximum time of application is 5 minutes.

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