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  • Mandatory.
  • Under eye cream* (apply daily at night – under and over the eye area)                                                                                       
  • To be stopped one day before and one day after the peel.
  • Prescription of antioxidant capsules ( once a day for a course of 8 weeks)
  • Application of sunscreen in the morning.
  • Prescription of undereye creams containing melanin synthesis inhibitors at night.

Peels (steps)

  • Removal of eye make up.
  • Cleansing with pre peel cleanser.
  • Application of Vaseline .
  • Peel Application.
  • Neutralization.
  • Cold compresses.
  • Application of moisturizing sunscreen.


Peel Application



After Care:

  • The client can continue with all the daily activities and attend any social event post treatment
  • The client should avoid eye makeup / cosmetics 2 days after the glycolic peel


  • Cosmetics should be properly removed during cleansing
  • Always drain off excess peel before application
  • Direction of peel should always be outward to inward. (outer corner of the eye to inner)
  • Keep emergency tray ready ( to be used only if client complains of burning or irritation inside the eyes)

During peels if the acid drop enters the eye accidently then do not panic instead immediately instill 2 drops of rose water into the affected eye. Rose water instantly takes away the burning.


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