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It is also known as High Voltage/Radio-frequency/ Blue Light Therapy.


These radio frequency waves have been used since 1980 for cosmetic purpose. It produces heat in the deeper tissue due to its rapid vibration.


High frequency treatment is safe, gentle and noninvasive. The results can vary according to individual and skin types and improvement is gradual.


Continuous & regular application can provide cumulative long term results. Mostly the frequency used is 1-3 MHz.


High Frequency is a rapidly alternating current that oscillates & alternates so rapidly that it does not stimulate the muscles / nerves but actually penetrates deeper into the skin in the subcutaneous layers of the skin to generate heat & warmth. It is used mainly for stimulating purpose but can also be used as germicidal or healing purpose.



  • High frequency produces, rapid micro-vibrations. (Gives relaxing effect) & also produces heat.
  • Heat helps in increasing blood circulation to the parts resulting in growth & regeneration of new cells.
  • Cavitations: Produces micro bubbles of oxygen which helps in killing the bacteria (preferred for active acne)
  • Improves vascular drainage.
  • Improves lymphatic drainage.


1. Increases blood circulation

2. Improves nutrition

3. Stimulates new cell generation

4. Increases Glandular Activity.

5. Improves Lymphatic drainage.

6. Helps in removal of toxins.

7. Tones up skin elasticity.

8. Germicidal

9. Improves acne




1. ACNE (pustule, active acne)

2. Recurrent resistant acne

3. Reduction of fine lines & wrinkles.


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