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The Machine

The machine is encased in a box which is provided with a power control switch, intensity regulating knob, input cable, output socket to which a probe holder is connected through a wire. The required probe can be fixed to the holder. There are different types of glass electrodes for different purposes.

  1. Mushroom shape probe: for general purpose, treating larger areas. Most commonly used.
  2. Specific pointed probe: for acne/small spots.
  3. Tube shaped/rod shaped: Indirect method.
  4. Comb shaped: Hair treatment.

These glass electrodes are very fragile & one must be careful while handling them. These glass electrodes contain gas. This gas is filled under a vacuum & its either Argon or Neon gas. Argon gas blows as violet colour & Neon blows as red colour.

When turned on the gas ignites & as the gas ignites electrification occurs around the electrode. When oxygen, which is present in the air around the electrode gets electrified it becomes ionized and produces ozone. Ozone quickly breaks down into active oxygen, but for few moments ozone comes in contact with the skin and its action is extremely drying, antibacterial & germicidal.




1. Direct

2. Indirect



  • Tie Head band.
  • Wear gloves & mask.
  • Ask client to remove jewellery /metals.
  • Deep cleanse the face.
  • Apply benzyl peroxide on congested areas and areas of concern. It is also an anti bacterial and drying solution & it releases oxygen thus intensifying the amount of oxygen available for the current to convert into ozone.
  • Benzyl peroxide can also be mixed in the gel mask, but it won’t give a drying effect if mixed in the gel.
  • Applying ultrasound gel or even a moist gauze/cotton can also be placed.
  • Set machine on minimum frequency.
  • Attach the required probe
  • Keep it in contact with clients skin
  • Turn on the machine
  • Start moving the probe in small circular motions, gradually shifting & treating the entire face.
  • The frequency can be increased depending on the patient’s tolerance.
  • Once the treatment is completed, lower the frequency to minimum & turn the machine off & then withdraw the probe.

Duration of session: 20 – 30 min (entire face)

Singular acne: (5 min)

Repetition: 2-3 times a week Approx 10 sessions are recommended for desired results.

Indirect Method:

This treatment is not given on the problem area but to entire body using indirect probe. It is also known as VIENNESE MASSAGE. It is mainly indicated for dry, tired & mature skin. In certain situations like sensitive skin/acne or recurring acne etc. the direct treatment becomes difficult so indirect method is useful. It can also be done between two direct method sessions.



  • To prevent recurrence of acne.
  • Acne on different places covering larger areas.
  • For sensitive areas.
  • Dry, Mature & Prematurely aged skin.


  • Metal ornaments to be removed all over.
  • Wrap a moist cotton or gauze around the probe.
  • Place it in the fist of the client, completing the circuit.
  • Client holds the electrode & the therapist places one hand on the client.
  • Before turning the machine on care must be taken that therapist’s one hand is touching the client. Set the machine at minimum and start the machine.
  • Mild tingling will be felt by both, the client as well as the therapist.
  • Gradually increase the intensity to the tolerance of the client.
  • Lighter the pressure more stimulating it is.
  • Stimulates the blood circulation, lymphatic drainage & the sebaceous secretion. Lesser the contact, stronger is the stimulation.
  • Continue treatment for about 10 -20 min.
  • Switch off the machine and remove the probe.
  • It is recommended to give indirect treatment in between direct treatment session(can also be given in the same session).


  • Avoid wearing metal jewellery.
  • Never use a broken probe.
  • Do not use outdoor, near water, around combustible substance.
  • No product containing alcohol should be used.
  • Client must not touch any metal objects during the treatment.
  • No one else should touch the client during treatment.
  • Avoid lifting the probe when machine is on.


  1. Local: - Skin disease, sensitive skin, extreme vascular conditions and raw skin.
  2. General:-
  • Physiological:- Pregnancy.
  • Pathological:- Metal implants, Epilepsy, Hypertension, diabetes mellitus
  • (uncontrolled), cardiovascular disorder, Nervous patients, Asthma.

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