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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Microdermabrasion ?

Microdermabrasion is a mini procedure used to rejuvenate skin, lessens the signs of scarring, and remove fine lines and the effects of acne. The top layer of dead skin is removed during treatment, while promoting the production of new cells in the deepest layer of skin.


How is it done ?

The skin is sandblasted with aluminum oxide crystals through a wand-like device that suctions itself.  As the treatments are relatively painless, anaesthesia is generally not administered.

Treatments last about 20 - 30 minutes if only the face is being treated, and can last up to an hour if the neck and upper chest are included.  Courses of microdermabrasion consist of 10-12 treatments at 2 week interval.  All treatments can be performed at your doctor's office, salon, or spa.


What precautions are to be taken before the procedure?

Discontinue use of topical exfoliating creams for 3-4 days before & after the procedure.

Remove lens just before the treatment if you are using one as crystals can abrade the lens.

Microdermabrasion has been branded with the cosmetic nickname, the "lunch-time" peel, because it can be performed in a short period of time and patients can return immediately to their daily routine including applying makeup. 

Am I A Candidate?

Good candidates for microdermabrasion have minor surface scars or slight pigmentation or acne problems, and wish to have younger-looking, healthier skin.  Patients with severe acne, warts, recent herpes outbreaks, and other diseases are not the candidates for treatment.


Is maintenance required ?

Yes, Maintenance is required once a month.



Almost all patients experience no complications associated with these types of treatments.  With the more powerful, medical grade machines, there is a slight possibility of hyperpigmentation or bleeding, and if the machine is improperly sterilized, there is a risk of infection.



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