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Earlobe tears are extremely common and mostly seen in female patients. With the increase in male piercings, as well as extreme dilations and piercings, it has become even more common and challenging to perform this operation on both sexes.


Common causes of lobe tears include continued wearing of heavy, pendulous earrings; trauma from snagging earrings on clothes; hairbrushes; telephone cords; assault; domestic abuse; and babies pulling on shiny objects dangling from earlobes. Some patients present with freshly torn lobes, but the vast majority of earlobe tears are chronic and the patient has had the condition for years.


Earlobe tears can be classified into partial, full, and multiple tears. Partial tears are usually a simple elongation of the original piercing and bother patients as their earrings no longer sit correctly or the added weight produces an elongated opening. Full tears represent a violation of the inferior lobe border and can be multiple in nature .


Holes in ear lobes can gradually enlarge due to heavy earrings or injury. A chemical ear lobe repair can be done to close the elongated hole. The ear lobe can then be re-pierced in a different area after complete healing has occurred.


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