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Radiofrequency Surgery Offers

  • High frequency current (4MHz).
  • Cold electrode so No Lateral Heat Spread.
  • Specific and localised action.
  • Cuts finer than a scalpel blade.
  • Only the tissue in contact with the electrode destroyed.
  • Less tissue trauma than in conventional electrosurgery.
  • Rapid healing times.
  • Reduced risk of infection.

Radiofrequency surgery means a finer incision then the finest blade, effective intra-operative haemostasis without burning, rapid uncomplicated healing and a totally acceptable cosmetic result.

Radiofrequency surgery is demonstrably safe and effective. Most lesions are removed by shaving (cutting electrode), reducing the need for suturing and consequently return visits for suture removal. Patients report reduced post-operative pain with faster healing and recovery.

Radiofrequency surgery is used in thousands of hospitals, clinics and surgeries worldwide. This is the phenol free alternative for matrixectomies.



  • Excision of warts and verrucae, moles and other pigmented lesions.
  • Excision of Biopsy specimens.
  • Removal of skin tags.
  • Epilation and treatment of Trichiasis



  • Uses tissue moisture to vaporize tissue
  • Removal, destruction, or cutting of tissue
  • Uses high frequency (3.8 Million cycles/second)
  • Step-up transformer increases voltage
  • Electric oscillating circuit increases frequency



Safe for technician

  • Device tip is cold
  • Low voltage
  • No Hypo pigmentation
  • Quick
  • Bleeding control
  • Sterilizes site
  • Low risk of fibrous scar
  • Minimal tissue damage



  • Mark lesion for excision
  • Inject Local Anaesthesia at lesion
  • Choose electrode tip
  • Wire Loop electrode
  • Wire electrode
  • Ball electrode
  • Set Wave form
    • Cutting or Electrosection (most common setting)
  • Background
    • Fully rectified
    • Fully filtered
    • Least Heat, least tissue destruction



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