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As we age the facial muscles attached to the skin starts drooping. The tissue regeneration process slows down, complexion becomes dull, fine lines and wrinkles start appearing therefore we start seeing visible signs of aging.


Signs of Aging:

3rd decade-(25-30)-visible ageing of the skin starts & skin replaces old cells.

4th decade- (30-35)-expression lines become more prominent as collagen & elastin start to break down, delicate skin under the eyes

 begin to thin.


(35-40)- gradual signs of aging in the form of fine lines around the eyes. Static lines begin to appear.Furrows appear on the forehead.

Skin becomes noticeably dry.

5th decade –(40-45)

  1. sagging jaw line and cheek muscles.
  2. puffiness around the eyes.
  3. increase in number of wrinkles.


  1. creases along the jaw line, mouth, eyes, ears etc.
  2. sagging skin of the neck muscles etc.
  3. Age spots

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