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The Non-Surgical Face Lift




Superpulse is an exciting new non-surgical procedure that offers an innovative way to rejuvenate your face...without surgery. It involves the application of radio frequency energy to your face. This energy strategically heats collagen, which composes your skin. In response to heat, your loose, weakened, and disorganized collagen will strengthen, tighten, and become organized. This translates into tighter, younger-appearing skin...all without surgery!


RF devices provide RF energy, which does not scatter or be absorbed during the transmission to tissue when compared to laser energies, can penetrate deep into dermis with minimal heat sensation on the surface. RF energy, conducted to skin through electrodes, causes ionic agitation and increasing of tissue temperature as a result.


The boundaries of the affected tissue and its surrounding are obvious because of the highly operative precision of RF technology, which can be obtained by electrode design, power setting, pulsing technique and pulse modification. Surgeons use RF systems to remove, to shrink, to contract, and to sculpt soft tissue and to coagulate blood vessels. RF energy works well on connective tissue, its primary target, which will shrink and contract when heated.


The radio waves subjected on the skin break down the molecular structure of the top layer of the skin thereby sparking it into producing collagen. Over a period of time, the new skin that is created is firmer and tighter and more youthful in appearance. No anesthesia is used. Instead, a numbing cream is applied to the areas worked on. Doctors use a device that sends out a cooling spray to protect the outer layer of the skin. Superpulse is best suited for those who start to see the early signs of aging - loose skin, creases and wrinkles around the nose and mouth. Effects of this type of non-surgical facelift procedure can last for a few years though results vary from person to person.


The most advanced RF-based systems have been designed for the treatments of various skin problems in dermatology and plastic surgery. They have been used to restructure the dermal collagen by transmitting heat created from RF energy to dermis. To avoid any epidermal damage, various skin-cooling techniques have been applied. Non-ablative RF (NARF) is the term used for such method of RF base technology for skin rejuvenation and skin tightening goals.


Superpulse RF is used for dermal skin heating with sparing of the epidermis due to the train of pulses with each pulse width shorter than skin thermal relaxation time. This will result in non- ablative skin tightening and lifting without the necessity of cryogen spray.


Superpulse RF works in two ways:

First, heat generated by RF waves shrinks the bundle of collagen under the skin. The collagen becomes shorter and the skin tightens.

The second phase begins as the body responds. The collagen will be gradually healed, renewed and even more collagen will be produced. The skin tightens and overall look is improved.


Superpulse RF is based on the most advanced radio frequency technology. The RF waves can be produced in either pulse or superpulse styles with four different types of modulation.


The face is thoroughly cleaned & make up removed.This is followed by application of a gel. The radio frequency pulses are then shot rapidly to cover the entire area. Time required depends on the size of the area & may range from 20mins to 60mins.


One may feel warm or may get a mild burning sensation during the procedure. Ice packs are applied post treatment. The patient is likely to experience some redness and swelling after the procedure. Redness may last 1-2 hours, but occasionally lasts for a few days. Swelling is usually mild-moderate, but lasts longer - usually about 3-7 days. Some patients may have numbness for a few hours or for a day or two.

The Benefits of Superpulse

Superpulse will provide the following benefits in many people:

  • Tighter skin
  • Improved jowling
  • Tightened Jawline
  • Tighter skin under your chin
  • Higher eyebrows
  • Softer forehead lines
  • Softer scowl lines
  • Softer crow's feet
  • Softer nasolabial creases (around nose and mouth)
  • Reduced active acne
  • Softening of acne scars
  • Unlike laser treatments, Superpulse works just as well on people with darker skin types as those with light skin types.


Although Superpulse is called a "non-surgical face lift," it is not a substitute for a face-lift. It will give a portion of the improvement that a facelift will give in many people. Those who have very loose skin or those with very heavy faces. For these people, treatment may be performed after every three weeks for first 5 sittings& then once in 3 months. Superpulse seems to work best in people with thin faces who are just on the verge of needing a facelift and want to put it off for a few years. In other words, if you have loose skin, sagging jowls, and a turkey gobbler, you can try Superpulse.


Superpulse is Best Suited for Those Who…

Superpulse is best suited for those who are starting to see signs of aging: early jowling, loose skin, creases around the nose and mouth, and wrinkles around the nose and mouth. It is not a substitute for a face-lift. So, if you are someone who has heavy jowling, a turkey-gobbler neck, and loose lax skin of the face and neck, you are likely to see some improvement after Superpulse, but not a dramatic improvement. If, on the other hand, you have medical problems that prevent you from having a face lift (or if you simply do not want to have surgery), then Superpulse will at least offer you something - you just need to adjust your expectations.


The Day of the Superpulse Procedure

You should plan to remove all make-up upon arrival. A grid will be applied to guide treatment. Finally, your treatment will begin. It involves your doctor or technician holding the treatment tip over your skin, while the Superpulse machine delivers a combination of cooling and radio frequency. Cooling is necessary to allow the maximal amount of radio frequency treatment (heat) to be applied without burning your skin. The treatment tips are 1/2 inch to 3/4 inch (square) in size. Numerous pulses of energy are required to treat your entire face (about 450 pulses of energy, each of which takes 2-7 seconds).


You may feel nothing, mild warmth, intense warmth, or possibly pain with each application of energy. In general, the higher the treatment setting used, the more significant will be your results, but also the greater chance for pain or discomfort. For this reason. This enables her to treat patients at the highest appropriate level while also avoiding discomfort.


Preparation for treating your full face to the actual treatment (delivering the pulses of energy) takes 60-75 minutes.


Superpulse Recovery:

You will likely experience some redness and swelling after the procedure. Redness may last 1-2 hours. Very mild swelling may persist longer. In general, the more swelling and redness you have, the greater results you are likely to see.


Tips and Traps of Superpulse :

  • Do not expect Superpulse to be a replacement for a facelift. It is, however, a great way to postpone a facelift for years if you are on the borderline.
  • If you have a fat deposit under your chin, you should consider liposuction of that area apart from your Superpulse procedure, as Superpulse does not alter fat in this area.
  • Superpulse will offer improvements in the same areas as a facelift.


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