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It converts electric current into high frequency sound waves. They are delivered through a handy probe. It has an intensity-regulating knob, some of the devices are provided with mono-phasic and bi-phasic function. A knob provided to select between these functions.

Different probe sizes are also available depending on purpose of use.

Smaller surface probes on smaller areas and skin surface, larger probes for larger areas and general purpose.

The mono-phasic waves do not cross baseline and oscillate on the same side of base line. They produce intermittent vibrations.

The bi-phasic waves oscillate between positive & negative side of base line alternately and produce continuous vibrations.

Most of the cosmetological ultrasonic devices work between 1MHz-5MHz.


Each frequency is useful for particular purpose.

  • 1 MHz-body
  • 3MHz-face
  • 5MHz-eye
  • 40KHz is used for lipolysis i.e. fat reduction.


  1. Tie headband. Wear masks and gloves.
  2. Cleanse the face.
  3. Apply conductive gel.
  4. Switch on the machine, set parameters, keep intensity to minimum.
  5. Apply probe to skin. Press and hold the probe button, gently and gradually make small circular motions, gradually moving to next area and treating in this way.
  6. The Procedure can be continued between 15min – 45 min depending on indications /requirements.
  7. Turn of the machine and wipe off the face.

Frequency of sessions: 1-2 times /week.

No of sessions: 10-15 for desired results



Local:     Raw skin, skin diseases.

General: Epilepsy, Pace maker, implants, Uncontrolled DM, CHD.


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