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Business Communication

Business Communication


Business Communication Skills course is designed to guide you for improving on your communication skills.


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Business Communication

GradeStack brings to you a course on building effective business communication skills. Enhance your communication skills and accelerate your career with the business communication app.
The course now includes learning planner which can help you learn communication skills in an effective manner. Get a daily notification that shows you the skill to be learned today.
Starting from the basics of how to present yourself, basic personal hygiene and interacting in a formal group to more business like setting such as interviews and group discussions. Develop formal written communication skills - writing emails, making presentations and communicating with different people in your organisation.
With a focus on helping in job selection process, the course helps you learn how to communicate during interviews and group discussions, right from how to dress, to your important mannerisms, they way you communicate and the most frequently asked questions in an interview
Keywords: Communication, business skills effective, english ability, spoken english, written english, interview skills, group discussions

    Course Modules
  • 1
    Interpersonal Skills

    This module explains how one should interact with clients, users and stakeholders.

  • 2
    Personal Skills

    This module explains how one should present himself to the society.

  • 3
    Presentation Skills (2 Projects)

    This module explains how one should prepare his presentation and present it to the audience.

  • 4
    Leadership Skills

    This module explains leadership skills required in a leader.

  • 5
    Interview Skills

    This module explains how one should face interviews.

  • 6
    Writing Skills

    This module explains how one should write mails, letters to juniors, seniors, clients.

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