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Group Discussion

Discussing in groups of two or more people can be a great way to develop better social and emotional skills in a structured environment. If you have trouble with group discussion, no worries-- just read this article!


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1. Prepare yourself. If you don't know your material ahead of time, you will have less to contribute and will understand the discussion less. Research some background information on your topic if you are given it ahead of time.


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2. Be confident: If you aren't confident with yourself, you'll be scared of sharing your opinions. You need to trust yourself and others and you need to feel confident in your thoughts. Share your opinions- it doesn't matter what other people think.


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3.  Form a debate: Group discussion is weighing the pros and cons of a debatable topic, e.g., should prostitutes be taxed? Some will say no, they have unprotected sex and spread AIDS around, but people who know prostitutes will object or live in a building that has one. But they have a living besides prostitution. The group discussions are mostly a way to see if how people's views are different, and how they perceive things. It's also comparing answers to others.

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4. Conquer misunderstandings: Even though you are mainly talking, and announcing whatever comes to your to debate over; it doesn't stop from heated words spilling. So take in all in stride and try to form a question about why such an argument bursts out from something misunderstood. Try to make sure that their anger simmered down, and make a light-humored topic to stay. Compare comedy to the comedy back then, with all the custard pies thrown, and chases, it's a good way to diminish the tense atmosphere.


Find balance: It's important to have those small 'no' or shake of the heads, it's better not to find a topic you all agree on. This allows your view to be heard, and thought upon. There has to be flaws, obviously, or else it wouldn't be a good debate. That is probably the main problem, where the topic is perfect to discuss about. Instead of finding the boring, flawless debate, find one that you never heard of. It'll be enough to research, and enjoy. It also might be something educational, not the regular question from teachers if school uniforms should be allowed, or not allowed kind-of-thing.

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Decision: There is always something different for group discussions. Ranging arithmetic, charities, healthy eating, politics, sports, and virtue or value in today's products. Mainly, you got to wonder if that topic is worth talking about, for politics, it varies; there is the government, and what they control. It's challenging, but group discussion is an opening to your lives. An introduction for you to get to know each other. Good luck in starting it...

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