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Interview Questions

You can expect to be asked some of the following types of questions in an interview. Case Questions are often used by consulting companies to assess analytical and problem solving skills. The interviewer presents a situation and asks you to discuss possible solutions. A sample case question is, "Describe a managed care company that you think is successful and explain why. What do they do that works? What are their potential problems? What is your outlook for their future? What suggestions do you have for their future?"

Behavioral or situational questions are used to assess how you would behave in different circumstances and to predict your behaviour in future, similar situations. An interviewer may ask, "Tell me about a time when a team you were working on was unable to proceed due to some interpersonal conflict. How did you respond, and what role did you play on the team?"

Role-play questions entail the interviewer asking you to put yourself in another role and decide how you would handle a specific problem.
Industry-specific questions are questions regarding the latest trends or issues in the industry. An interviewer may ask, "If you were a CEO of Microsoft’s main competitor, what actions would you take in the on-line services market?" Brainteasers are quick questions where the obvious answer is not necessarily the right answer such as, "Which would you rather receive: fifty thousand pennies or a 10x10x10 room filled with pennies?"


General questions

• Tell me about yourself.


• What are your key experiences and accomplishments?


• How would you rank your achievements?


• What are your strengths and weaknesses?


• How would your friends describe you?


• Explain your reason for leaving your current job.


• What are the most important things to you in a job?


• What do you value in a supervisor?


• How would you describe your management style?


• What appeals to you about this job and organization?


• Describe the ideal position in our company.


• What qualities do you think make someone successful in our industry?


• What would you like me to know most that is not on your resume?


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