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The Phone Interview

Due to a company's geographic location, travel costs, and divergent schedules, a phone interview may often be your initial contact with a
prospective employer. Therefore, we're offering some phone interview tips.

Objective - The idea behind a phone interview is to gain an invitation for a personal interview, and to gather more information for future steps in the process.

Preparation - Have a pad, pen, and a copy of your resume near the phone. Use a phone in a quiet area. Avoid any background noise. Also avoid using a cordless phone, because they tend to transmit poorly.
  • Smile and be enthusiastic. Your enthusiasm will carry through to the interviewer.
  • Speak in a conversational manner, and be sure to speak loudly enough to be heard. Speak with some inflection and tone.
  • Let the interviewer do most of the talking. When s/he asks you a question, expound upon the answer. Use the opportunity to sell your skills and experience.
  • When the interview is over, let her/him know that you are very interested in scheduling a personal interview at her/his place of business.

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