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Tips for a good resume

  • The profile could be a maximum of two pages. Normally recruiters would not have the time and patience to go through a four plus pages of resume.
  • Save the file with your name. Do not save the file as resume.doc or mycv.doc (or PDF) etc.This enables better visibility and traceability of the profile.
  • Grammatical errors and spelling mistakes to be eliminated in the profile. Many of the profile have these two errors and normally the reviewer is put-off when a similar error is viewed in the profile. *Maintain a uniform font and create a standardised profile. In our experience with more than a few million resumes’ we have noticed that multiple font sizes do make the profile complicated.
  • Avoid using flashy colours and highlighting in the profile. In case you would want to highlight certain points or strengths, maintain a simple bolding of the font.
  • A Resume is a reflection of one’s personality and hence try to be as natural as possible. Could develop multiple resumes depending on the job description of the job requisition.
  • Avoid usage of excessive management jargons in framing sentences.
  • Make sure that the address, contact numbers and email ids are mentioned in the profile.
  • Pasting of a photograph is optional.
  • Use formats which are commonly available in the system. Normally, if the formats are not used frequently the CV tends to get deleted by the recruiter. Word 2003/Plus are normally used. Many systems may not have a PDF, txt etc kind of formats.
  • Profile is preferred to be in a print format (pages down one after another) rather than a parallel format.
  • Font sizes of nine plus are preferred and formatting and justifying profiles are preferred.
  • Inclusion of references may be useful. Immediate and previous employers are preferred.
  • A brief summary at the beginning of the resume highlight the key points are preferred.


  • Remember, you have one chance to sell yourself, sight-unseen, as the best candidate for the job. This is your commercial.
  • Neat resume examples abound on the Internet. Run a quick search for resume styles. Many word processing programs have a template section built in to guide you through resume creation in a very neat style.


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