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Writing your own resume

  1. Create a rough draft (preferably on your computer) of the information you want in your resume. Take the draft information and place each sentence in the appropriate subsection of the resume.
  • Subsections of the resume include an objective (to show what type of work you are seeking), past work history, education and any activities you feel are pertinent (optional).

  • Create bullets beneath subsections to offset pieces of information within that part. This is where you highlight aspects in each job that should be mentioned. Place each job with a bullet, and then use a different bullet style below that to show each skill or accomplishment of that specific job.
  • Add information to the subsections until you go over each job you have had. Be brief but concise in your explanation.
   2. Think about style. A prospective employer should see, at first glance, the reason you're the best candidate for this job.
  • Choose between chronological and functional resume formats. The chronological resume design lists the job you are currently in or have previously worked and goes backward from there. A functional layout concentrates more heavily on skills and education without placing emphasis on past work experience. One subheading will show skills, while a later one shows past jobs.
  • Neatness of the resume shows the person hiring that professional work will be achieved if you hire the person in the resume. A good, business-quality typeface - such as 12-point Times New Roman - creates clean, easy-to-read text. Make sure the ink is bright and not faded.
  • An appropriate margin for resumes is 1-inch all around. Generally, a resume will be 1 page in length, unless you have quite a bit of professional experience.
  1. Proof the finished resume for grammar and spelling mistakes. Then, have someone else look it over for a second opinion. Repeat the proofing stage if changes have been made.
  1. Keep a copy of the finished resume to reuse and add to at will. The neat appearance will transfer well if you attach the resume to an email or copy it to an employer's web site.

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