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Indian economy is broadly classified into three sectors, viz., (i) Agricultural Sector, (ii) Industrial Sector, and (iii) Service Sector, Alternatively, these are called primary, secondary and tertiary sectors

2. Agricultural sector is important because of its large contribution to national income, exports, employment industrial growth and overall development of the economy.

3. Growth of agricultural sector could be assessed in terms of increase in agricultural production and productivity, land reforms, green revolution, diversification of agriculture, etc.

4. Problems of Indian agriculture include: (i) low productivity, (ii) gamble of monsoon, (iii) slow progress of land reforms, (iv) inadequate credit, (v) lack of marketing facilities, (vi) problems associated with agricultural labour, (vii) regional imbalance, etc.

5. The importance of industrial sector could be shown in terms of its contribution to national income, exports, employment and overall development of the economy.

6. Industrial growth has shown a mixed performance during the plan period.

7. The main features of the pattern of industrialization include: (i) diversification of industrial structure, (ii) slow growth of agro-based industries. (iii) rapid growth of consumer durables, (iv) growth of infrastructural facilities, (v) global character of industry, (vi) introduction of technological up gradation, and (vii) incentives to small-scale and cottage industries.

8. Major problems of industrialization include : (i) unbalanced regional growth, (ii) imbalance between public and private sectors, (iii) underutilization of capacity, (iv) production of non-essential goods, (v) gap between target and achievement, (vi) failure to generate adequate employment and (vii) poor performance of public sector enterprises.

9. The service sector includes: trade, transport, communication, banking, insurance, hotels and restaurants, health, education, defence, etc.

10. The growth of the service sector could be seen in terms of its contribution to national income, exports, employment and development of other sectors.

11. The major problems of the service sector include: Lack of finance, other supportive facilities, administrative machinery, unnecessary regulations and controls by the government, stiff competition from foreign companies, etc.

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