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 Role of Chartered Accountants in the Society


A Chartered Accountant with his education, training, analytical mind and experience is best qualified to provide multiple need-based services to the society. Can do full justice not only to matters relating to taxation, costing, management accounting, financial layout, company legislation and procedures but they can also act in the fields relating to financial policies, budgetary policies.

The modern accountant’s role in the society is:

  • To act as an accountant to maintain the proper books which portray the true and fair view (More changes coming now in view of recent frauds like satyam, etc.)
  • To provide information and reports to managements
  • To act as a statutory auditor
  • To provide financial advice
  • To act as a service provider to assist in share registration, arbitration
  • To act as an internal auditor
  • To act as tax consultant
  • To act as a management consultant

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