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Necessaries Include

Necessary Goods:

Necessary goods are not confined to such articles as are necessary to support life, but extended to articles fit to maintain the particular person in the state, station and degree of life in which he is.

Services Rendered:

Certain services rendered to a minor are necessaries. These include educational, medical and legal services, providing house on rent for the purpose of living and continuing his studies, training for business or profession etc.

Loan incurred to obtain necessaries: The loan taken by a minor to obtain necessaries also binds the minor and is recoverable by the lender. However, the minor is not personally liable only his estate is liable for such loans.

Contract By Guardian
A contract entered into on behalf of minor by his parents/guardians or the manager of his estate can be specifically enforced bu or against the minor provided the contract is

Within the scope of the authority of the parent/guardian/manager, and

For the benefit of the minor.


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