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  1. National income is the sum-total of the value added on all to economic enterprises to the country.
  2. The important variants of national income aggregate are: Gross domestic product, Gross national product, Net domestic product, Net national product, Private income, Personal income and Personal disposable income.
  3. The important methods of measurement of national income are : (i) product method, (ii) income method, and (iii) expenditure method.
  4. National income estimates are useful as : (i) indicators of economic progress, (ii) instrument in policy formulation, (iii) trade union activities, (iv) measure of economic growth, (v) index of comparison with other countries, etc.
  5. Trends of national income in India show that the growth of national income during the first three decades of planning was very low, but it is showing a rising trend thereafter, reaching 8.2 percent in 1996-97, and maintaining an average annual growth of 7.0% thereafter.

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