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Types Of Offer:

Express Offer

An offer made by express words is known as express offer.

e.g.: A by letter, offers to sell his T.V. set to B for Rs.5000

Implied Offer

 An offer which is made by the conduct of the parties or circumstances of the case is known as implied offer.

e.g.: A public telephone booth.

Specific Offer

When an offer is made to a defined person or a class of persons, it is known as specified offer. It can be accepted only by the person or the class of person to whom it is made.

e.g.: A makes an offer to sell a painting to B for Rs.1 lakh.

General Offer

When an offer is made to the world at large, it is known as general offer. It can be accepted by any one by complying with the terms of the offer.

Cross Offer

when two parties make identical offers to each other, in ignorance of each other’s offer, the offers are known as cross offers. Neither of the offers can be called as acceptance of the oth4er and therefore, there is no contract.

Counter Offer

When an offers to qualified acceptance of the offer subject to modifications and variations in the terms of the original offer, he is said to have made a counter offer.

Standing, Open Or Continuing Offer

An offer which is allowed to remain open for acceptance over a period of time is known as standing, open or continuing offer.

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