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Causes Of Rapid Growth Of Population

Population generally increase because of the following factors:

  1. High birth rate
  2. Relatively lower death rate
  3. Immigration

Causes Of High Birth Rate

  1. Poor people do not have fixed income and because of lack of saving, these children, when they grow up, provide security to their parents in old age. In this sense, they act like insurance for their parents.
  2. Poor people have high fertility, according to De Castro; in his book geography of hunger, chronically starved people generate excess estrogens, resulting in marked increase in the women’s reproductive capacity.
  3. Marriage is both a religious and social necessity in India. Presently in India, by the age of 50, only 5 out of 1000 Indian women remained unmarried.
  4. Not only marriages are almost compulsory, they take place at quite a young age in India.
  5. Religious and social attitudes are such that preference is given to large families. Among Hindus, it is believed that without at least one son, it is not possible to get deliverance from the cycle of rebirth.
  6. Lack of education among women causes people to have irrational attitude and hence big families.

Causes Of Fall In The Death Rate

  1. Considerable improvement in the availability of medical facilities and public health services.
  2. With the availability of facilities of pure drinking water and better drainage have enabled the country to control epidemics almost fully.
  3. Control over dreaded diseases like small pox, cholera, malaria and tuberculosis, etc. have resulted in reducing the death rate.

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