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Measurement Of Unemployment


1. Usual Status (US) – In term of this concept, a person is considered unemployed, if he/she id not working but is seeking or was available for work for a relatively longer time/or throughout the reference year. It measures chronic or long-term unemployment.

Currently Weekly Status (CWS) – Here the reference period is a week. A person is said to be unemployed if he has not worked even for a day during the week but was seeking or available for work. The CWS also measures chronic unemployment but the reduced reference period of a week. Its estimates also indicate seasonal and part time unemployment.

Current Daily Status (CDS) – It records the activity status of a person for each day of the seven days preceding the survey. A person who worked for one hour or more during a day is considered having worked for half day. If worked for four hours or more during the day is considered as employed for the whole day. CDS is a comprehensive measure of unemployment. It measures both chronic unemployment and unemployment on weekly basis.

WPR = Workforce Participation Rate

PU = Person Unemployed

LFPR = Labour Force Participation Rate

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