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  1. Unemployment refers to a situation when a person is able and willing to work but does not get opportunity to work.
  2. The various types of unemployment include: Cyclical unemployment, seasonal unemployment, technological unemployment, frictional unemployment, disguised unemployment, underemployment, structural unemployment, educated unemployment, etc.
  3. Unemployment is found both in the rural and the urban areas.
  4. Labour force consists of all those persons who are fit to work, willing to work and available for the work.
  5. Unemployment rate is defined as the number of persons unemployed per thousand persons in the labour force.
  6. Unemployment is measured on the basis of Usual Principal Status (UPS), Current Weekly Status (CWS), and Current Daily Status (CDS).
  7. The main causes of unemployment include: slow growth of agricultural sector, industrial sickness, rapid increase in population, educational system and attitude of persons.
  8. Suggested remedies for the removal of unemployment include: growth of agriculture and industry, infrastructure, trade and other services and special programmes for employment generation.

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