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  • The term ‘capacity to contract’ means the competence (i.e. capability) of the parties to enter into a valid contract
  • The term ‘minor’ is explained in Sec. 3 of the Indian Majority Act, 1875
  • A minor is a person who has not completed eighteen years of age
  • Necessaries do not include items of comfort or luxury
  • A minor is liable for his acts of tort
  • The position of a contract with a person of unsound mind is similar to that of a contract with a minor
  • ƒA partly performed contract with an alien enemy (now) can be put to an end by the court
  • ƒThe guardian cannot sell an immovable property of a minor without the Court’s permission
  • ƒA minor cannot appoint an agent because only a person competent to contract can appoint yan agent
  • ƒA minor is liable to a third party only to the extent of his interest in the firm
  • A Statutory Corporation cannot enter into a contract of personal nature

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