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Problems faced by Indian Railways

  • Old technology: The existing technology of both, electric and diesel locomotive is old.
  • Small network: The railway network is inadequate when compared to the requirements of the economy.
  • Financial crunch: The conventional methods of increasing net revenue, like raising of tariffs and expenditure control, are inadequate.
  • Losses: Due to operation of a number of non- remunerative lines, it suffers heavy losses.
  • Poor passenger service: It also suffers from poor passenger service and overcrowding.
Rational price policy, increased wagon load, faster turnaround time, public-private partnerships (PPPs) are some of the steps taken to improve the performance of the railways. During 12th FYP, the railways focus would be on construction of six dedicated freight corridors, segregation of freight and passengers lines, providing improved connectivity to industry cluster and ports, etc.,

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