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  • In case of specific offer: when an offer is made to a specific person then it can be only accepted by such person and nobody else.

M sold his business to B without giving any notice of sale to his customers. P, a customer of M, sent an order for goods to M by name. B received the order and sent a letter of acceptance. In a suit, it was held by the court that there was no contract between B and P, as P never made an offer to B, which B could accept.

  • In case of general offer: In case of general offer, a general offer can be accepted by any person or persons of the public who has the knowledge of the offer.

Mr. V issued a pamphlet offering a reward of ₹5,000 to anybody who would trace and bring back his nephew. Mr.S traced the boy and brought him back to Mr.V. Mr.V refused to pay the amount. It was held that Mr. S who traced the boy, was entitled to the reward, as the pamphlet was an offer made by Mr. V to the public at large.

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