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Distinction between succession and assignment

Under succession, both benefits and burden attached to the contract devolve upon the legal heir. A son succeeding his father’s estate shall be liable to meet the debts and liability of his father to the extent of the property inherited
Basis of distinction
1. Meaning
The transfer of rights and liabilities of a deceased person to his legal representative is called as succession
The transfer of rights by a person to another person is called as assignment
2. What can be transferred?
All the rights and liabilities of a person are transferred
Rights as well as liabilities can be assigned subject to mutual understanding between all of them
3. Time when it takes place
It takes place on the death of a Person
It takes place during the life of a person
4. Notice
Notice of succession is not required to be given to any person
Notice of assignment is required to be given to the creditor
5. Written document
It does not require any written Document
It requires execution of assignment deed
6. Voluntary Act
It is not a voluntary act
It is a voluntary act of the parties

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