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Causes of rapid growth of population

Population generally increases because of
  • High birth rate
  • Relatively low death rate
  • Immigration

Causes of high birth rate

  • Agrarian economy: In an agrarian economy like India, children are considered as assets and not as a burden as they help in agricultural fields.
  • Urbanisation: As urbanisation occurs at a slow pace in India, the social forces that lead people to have small families are not generated.
  • Poverty: Due to poverty, there is an increase in the birth rate. Poor people tend to have large families.
  • Early marriage: Marriages take place at quite a young age in India.
  • Joint family: This system encourages people to have large families.
  • Illiteracy: Illiteracy among people, especially women, causes people to have irrational attitudes and hence, big families.

Causes for fall in death rate

  • Spread of education and awareness about medical health care
  • Infrastructural facilities to deal with furies of nature like famines, droughts etc.
  • Expansion of medical facilities to deal with general health
  • Improved supply of potable water, improvement in nutritional level etc.

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