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  • Whether a growing population stimulates growth or retards growth depends upon the factors that determine economic growth
  • In case of India, we find that the country is overpopulated and is instrumental in retarding growth.
  • Present population growth of India is 1.6% per annum, it occupies 2.4% per the world’s land area, contributes 1.2% to the world’s income and accommodates 17.5% of the world’s population. On an average every 6th person in the world is an Indian.
  • CBR = 21.8 and CDR = 7.1, Density of population is 382 per sq. Km, sex ratio is 940 per 1000 male population, life expectancy is at 63.5 years.
  • According to 2011 census, India’s literacy rate is 74.04%. Male literacy rate is 82.1% and female literacy rate is 65.5%.
  • Kerala has highest sex ratio, highest life expectancy, highest literacy rate, lowest birth rate.
  • Analyzing the NPP of India, we find that economic and social factors have not been given proper weight age and complete reliance has been placed on family planning.

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