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Entries on Dishonor of Bills

In case of nonpayment or dishonour of bills Journal entry will be required to record it.

Miscellaneous Entries or Entries of General Nature

These are the entries of casual nature which do not occur so frequently. Such transactions include the following:

  • Credit purchases and credit sale of assets which cannot be recorded through Purchases or Sales book
  • Endorsement, renewal and dishonour of bill of exchange which cannot be recorded through the Bills book
  • Other adjustments like interest on capital and loan, bad debts, reserves etc.



  • A Journal and a journal entry are different. The former refers to the book containing the entries; the latter refers to the entry consisting of debit and credit aspects.
  • The Cash book is both a principal book (since debit and credit aspects are involved therein), as well as a Subsidiary book (since all cash and bank transactions are first recorded therein).


Financial books of account


Principal books

Subsidiary books


Cash book







Purchase book

Sales book

Purchase Returns book

Sales Returns book

Bills Receivable book

Bill Payable book

Journal proper

Cash book

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