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Cohesive Devises

'Cohesion' means joining together. In the language of grammar cohesive devises mean things such as reference, substitution and conjunction. These are the words that bind two phrases together to form a sentence or a phrase.

There are rules to be followed in grammar in a word order. They are:

A verb must agree with its subject in number and person.

Example : The quality of Mangoes was not good.


2. Two or more singular nouns or pronouns joined by a conjunction require a plural verb.


Example: Gold and silver are precious metals.


3. If two nouns suggests an idea to the mind, or refers to the same person or thing the verb is singular.


Example: Time and tide wait for none.


4. Words joined together with a single subject by with, as well as etc, are parenthetical. The verb should therefore be put singular.

Example : House, with its contents, was insured.

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