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Causes for the fearful depletion of the flora and fauna

  • Use of natural products (forests and wildlife) by man as resources for his living, like wood, leaves, rubber, food and fuel
  • Cutting down of forests during the British period for the expansion of railways, agriculture, commercial and mining activities
  • Continuous deforestation for agricultural purposes and for fuel
  • Large-scale development projects like the Narmada Sagar river valley Project in Madhya Pradesh
  • Mining activities
  • Habitat destruction, hunting, poaching, over-exploitation and environmental pollution
  • Over population in the third world countries
  • Communities which depend on forest products exploit the forests and wildlife for food, medicine, culture and spirituality


It has been stated by the Forest Survey of India that 26,200 sq km of forest area was converted

into agricultural land all over India between 1951 and 1980.


Depletion of forests causes a lot of danger. Water scarcity, drought and deforestation induced floods are some of the dangers. Drought and floods directly affect the poor. Therefore, forests are vital for the quality of life and environment in India.

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