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Vanishing Forests

More than 19 percent of the total area of India is covered by forests.

  • Dense forests - 11.48 %
  • Open forests - 7.76%
  • Mangrove forests - 0.15 %

Due to the government efforts of a forestation forest cover has increased in recent years.

Existing animal and plant life can be categorized as follows

    • Normal Species
    • Endangered Species
    • Vulnerable Species
    • Rare Species
    • Endemic Species
    • Extinct Species
Pine                  Rodents

Cattle, sal, pine and rodents are called normal species as their population is normal.

  • Endangered Species
                                   Black buck            Lion tailed macaque                          

The black buck, crocodile, Indian wild ass, Indian rhino, lion tailed macaque are some of the endangered species. Their population is fast declining and is in the danger of extinction.


  • Vulnerable Species
Asiatic Elephant
Gangetic dolphin

The blue sheep, Asiatic elephant, and Gangetic dolphin can be classified as the vulnerable species. They are still not in the category of the endangered species but their population is dropping dangerously.

Rare Species

Himalayan brown bear


Himalayan brown bear, wild Asiatic buffalo, desert fox and hornbill are some of the rare species. Their population is very small and is likely to be endangered.

  • Endemic Species

Andaman teal

Nicobar pigeon

Andaman teal, Nicobar pigeon, Andaman wild pig, and mithun are classified as endemic species. These species are found only in specific areas.

  • Extinct Species


Pink –headed duck

Asiatic cheetah and the pink head duck are extinct species now. These species are not found in areas where they are usually found.

  • Asiatic Cheetah

The cheetah is said to be the world's fastest land mammal. It can run at a speed of 112 km/hr. The cheetah is a species that has been declared extinct in India since 1952.

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