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  • Special weather bulletins and Programmes related to agriculture are introduced in television and radio to make the farmers aware of the weather condition and the latest developments in agriculture.
  • Minimum Support Price
  • These prices are announced by the Government at the commencement of the season to enable them to pursue their efforts with the assurance that the prices would not be allowed to fall below the level fixed by the Govt.

    Such minimum support prices are fixed at incentive level, so as to induce the farmers to make capital investment for the improvement of their farm and to motivate them to adopt improved crop production technologies.

    This scheme also checks the exploitation of the farmers from the exploitation of farmers from speculators and middlemen.

  • Agricultural sector contributed about 24.1% to the GDP in the year (2003-04). This has been showing a decling trend since 1951 which is a matter of serious concern.
  • To modernise agriculture, the government has established Indian Council of Agricultural Research , many agricultural Universities, veterinary services and animal breeding centre.
  • Government has also developed meteorology and weather forecasts to improve agriculture.
  • Agriculture supplies raw material to a number of industries like cotton and jute textiles, sugar etc.
  • Agriculture plays an important role in earning foreign exchange as 50% of our exports consist of agricultural products.
  • India is an agricultural country as more than 2/3rd of the population is engaged in such activities.
  • Based on the nature of land, climatic conditions, technological know how and available irrigational facilities, the farmers in India practice different types of farming.
  • Primitive Subsistence farming is still practised in some region of India
  • Intensive subsistence farming where more number of people are engaged in cultivating a small peice of land. It is generally practised in thickly populated regions.
  • A variety of food and cash crops are grown in India.
  • Inspite of 2/3rds of the population engaged in agriculture, the development in this field is very slow.
  • Eventhough there is development in irrigation techniques, farmers still depend on monsoons for and natural fertility for growing crops.
  • Indian agriculture needs some reforms to be made in the techniques used in cultivation.

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