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Satellite Based Communication System

When information is transmitted through a satellite it is called Satellite based communication. Satellites are launched into space on rockets and they are put in orbit. Different satellites carry out different jobs such as weather forecasting and finding accurate locations.

Communication satellites are usually radio relay stations and are referred to as COMSATs. The most important feature of a communication satellite is the transponder.

Transponder is nothing but an automatic device that receives, amplifies, and retransmits a signal on a different frequency. Genrally, a satellite has many transponders.

Satellite Transponders

Data, television images and telephonic voice are routinely received and re-broadcasted by the transponders of communication satellites.

Satellite based communication system is reliable during disasters.

Satellite Communication System

Communication satellites are in orbit in space and are not vulnerable to natural disasters on earth. Global communication links can be established with very small satellite antennas.

Satellite Phone
The satellite phone is the most widely used means of communication during disasters. These phones provide reliable voice and data communication. They are handy and can be taken to any location.


Satellite Phone

The government of India is providing the Disaster / Emergency Managers of all the districts with portable satellite phones so that proper communication is maintained among the local authorities, during disasters.

Radio communication and satellite based communications are highly reliable and are used during emergencies all over the world.

Search and Rescue Operations through Communication

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