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Different Types of Challenges


Different democracies face different challenges. Some challenges are common to certain democracies.

Now let us group the countries according to the common challenges they face.

Constitutional design


* Chile *Ghana *Myanmar *Iraq

* Saudi Arabia *South Africa *Sri Lanka

* India- the constitution should ensure uniform family laws

Democratic rights

* Chile * China *Myanmar * Bolivia

* India - 33 % reservations for women in legislative bodies

Working of institutions

* Chile * Ghana *Saudi Arabia

* India - control on custodial deaths


* Chile *Poland *Myanmar *Mexico

* Pakistan *Iraq * Ireland

* Yugoslavia

* India - Rigging should be checked

Federalism, decentralisation

* Ghana * China

* India - More powers and resources can be given to state governments

Accommodation of diversity

* Nepal *Saudi Arabia *South Africa

* Belgium *Iraq * Ireland

* Yugoslavia

* India - Reservation for OBCs should be addressed

Political organisations

* China *Saudi Arabia *Myanmar *Nepal

* Pakistan * International Organisations

* India - Corrupt by political leaders should be looked into by a separate institution

Countries can be also grouped under the three major challenges they face.

  • Foundational challenge
  • Challenge of expansion
  • Deepening of democracy
  • Foundational challenge: Chile, Poland, Myanmar, China, Saudi Arabia and Nepal face

    Foundational challenge

    In India, the problem of the North-eastern States and Jammu and Kashmir can be clubbed under foundational Challenges

Challenge of expansion: Ghana, Mexico, Iraq, Yugoslovia, Sri lanka and Ireland face the challenge of expansion.

In India women could be given reservations in the legislature. Socially the Backwards should be given equality

Deepening of democracy: International organisations, Belgium, Pakistan and south Africa face the challenge of deepening democracy

In India more power could be given to the election commission.

Corruption among government officials, delayed justice, increasing poverty, health care, low literacy rate, over population are some of the major challenges faced by India.

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