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  • Democracy is the dominant form of government in the contemporary world.
  • Both democratic and non-democratic governments face a lot of challenges.
  • Different societies have different expectations from different democracies. So, each country has to deal in a unique way to face the challenge, people in that particular country face.
  • The main challenges in a democracy are foundational challenge, challenge of expansion, deepening of democracy.
  • Corruption among government officials, delayed justice, increasing poverty, health care, low literacy rate, over population are some of the major challenges faced by India.
  • Democratic reforms should be carried out through political practice. They should strengthen democratic practices.
  • If a democracy has to progress the politician have to be honest and trust worthy, as the people have voted them to power with great expectations. But this is not the case with many politicians in India.
  • Laws can have little impact unless people resist attempts to mislead and divide people in the name of caste and religion. You cannot have democracy in a real sense unless people and politicians overcome the barriers of caste and religion.

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