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Thinking about Challenges

Democracy is the dominant form of government in the contemporary world. There are a few countries which are not democratic.

There is no dispute that democracy is the best form of government, still it faces a lot of challenges. Many of the challenges faced by a democracy are serious in nature. A challenge is not just a problem, it is a problem that has to be faced and over-come. When a challenge is faced and over-come progress results. This is how democracies progress.

In today's world one fourth of the countries are not democratic

Challenges faced by non-democratic governments.

(i) These governments face the foundational challenge of making the transition to democracy


(ii) They have to institute a democratic government by bringing down the existing non-democratic regime, keeping military away from controlling the government.

(iii) It has to establishing a sovereign and functional state.

Challenges faced by democratic governments:-

(i) These governments face the challenge of expansion.


(ii) The basic principle of a democratic government has to be established across all the regions, different social groups and various institutions.

(iii) Greater power should be delegated to local governments.


(iv) Federal principles have to be extended to all the units of the federation.

(v) Women and minority groups should be included in decision making.

Different societies have different expectations from different democracies. So, each country has to deal in a unique way to face the challenge, people in that particular country face. If this is to be done peoples' participation is necessary and the control and influence of the rich and powerful people have to be toned down.

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