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To Construct a Triangle similar to a given Triangle as per given Scale Factor


Construct a Δ ABC in which, BC = 6 cm, AB = 3.5 cm and AC = 4.5 cm. Draw a triangle similar toΔ ABC with its sides equal to  of the corresponding sides of the ΔABC.


Steps of Construction 
1. Draw the line-segment BC = 6 cm.

2. With B as the centre and the radius equal to 3.5 cm, draw an arc. Now, with C as the centre and the radius being 4.5 cm, draw another arc meeting the first arc at A.

3. Join AB and AC. Then Δ ABC is the required triangle.

4. Draw a line BD making an acute angle with BC. Mark 5 equal distances on BD such that  BB1 = B1B= B2B= B3B= B4B5.

5. Join 5th (B5) point to C. Draw a line through B(the 4th point) parallel to B5C to intersect BC at C'.

6. Draw a line through C' parallel to the line CA to intersect BA at A'.        

Then A'BC' is the required triangle similar to Δ ABC.

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