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Government Certification of Quality

The Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) certification marks scheme was also introduced. ISI and Agmark seals were made compulsory for many products.

While buying many commodities, we see a logo with the letters ISI, Agmark or Hallmark. These logos and certification help consumers get assured of quality while purchasing the goods and services. The Bureau of Indian Standards monitors and issue these certificates to producers to use their logos provided they follow certain quality standards.

It is not compulsory for all the producers to follow the standards set up by BIS. However, for some products that affect the health and safety of consumers or of products of mass consumption like LPG cylinders, food colours and additives, cement, packaged drinking water, it is mandatory on the part of the producers to get certified by organisation.

Another legislation to ensure pre-tested products is the Agricultural Produce (Grading and Marking) Act, which awards the "Agmark" for certain food articles such as edible oils, spices and honey. There is a provision for free replacement of the products graded and marked under Agmark, if not found conforming to specifications.

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