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A consumer is a person who buys a product; he is also called the end user. The consumer has a lot of rights that he can demand when he is buying a product. Let us see what rights a consumer can demand.

When a product is sold there are certain rules and regulations the maker and the seller have to follow. These rule and regulations are not followed in several cases. When these rules are not followed the consumer has a right to fight for justice. This is called Consumer rights.


To fight for his rights a consumer, first has to know what is rights are. Hence, there is a need to sensitise people and encourage them to participate in the consumer movement. Students should actively participate in the consumer movement so that they can demand their rights as consumers.

Consumers and Their Rights

Citizens participate in the market both as producers and consumers. As producers of goods and services citizens could be working in the agricultural, industrial or service sectors. As consumers they participate in the market when they purchase goods and services that they need. These are the final goods that that people as consumers use.

Many a times consumers do not get a fair deal from the sellers and are denied a just treatment. When this is the case, people go to the consumer court. Many people do not go to the consumer courts as it is too much of a trouble but some people persisted and struggled to get justice.

It is necessary that every consumer exercises his rights if he does not get a fair deal from the seller.


Exploitation of the consumer in the market place
Individual consumers are often exploited and find themselves in a weak position. Whenever a consumer makes a complaint regarding a product or service that he has bought, the seller tries to shift all the responsibility back on the consumer himself. The seller usually says, "If you didn’t like what you have bought, please go elsewhere".

So, rules and regulations are required to protect the consumers in the marketplace. The consumer movement is an effort to create awareness among consumers so that they know their rights and are not exploitation in the marketplace.

Consumer Awareness is Spread through ‘Street Plays’

Exploitation in the marketplace happens in various ways.

1. Traders indulge in unfair trade practices.
2. Shopkeepers weigh less than what they should.
3. Traders add charges that were not mentioned in the product.
4. Adulterated/defective goods are sold.

Markets do not work in a fair manner when producers are few and powerful, and consumers are scattered and purchase in small amounts. These producers with huge wealth, power and reach can manipulate the market in various ways.

False information is passed on through the media, and other sources to attract consumers.

Let us see how this is done.

  • A company sold powder milk for babies all over the world claiming that the product is better than mother’s milk. It took years of struggle before the company was forced to accept that it had been making false claims.

A Baby Fed on Milk Powder

  • Similarly, cigarette manufacturing companies were forced to print on their cigarette packets that ‘Cigarette smoking is injurious to health’

Cigarette Smoking is Injurious to Health


Rules and regulations are necessary to ensure protection for consumers

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